TROUBLESOME TEENS Smoking ten cigarettes a day while you’re pregnant ‘harms your baby, well into their teenage years’

2 June 2017:

Scientists in Boston found smoking in pregnancy causes a kid to suffer behaviour problems, well into adolescence

PUFFING on just 10 fags a day when you’re pregnant is enough to harm your baby, experts have warned.

And that harm is evident well into a child’s teenage years, they found.

While the health risks are clear, still 12 per cent of mums in the UK admit to smoking while they’re expecting.

And 54 per cent say they were smokers but quit before or during pregnancy, according to leading charity ASH.

Smoking in pregnancy can cause premature birth, low birth weight and other behavioural issues, past studies have shown.

But, the new findings suggest smoking as few as ten cigarettes a day in pregnancy can have negative effects on a child well into their teenage years.

Dr Ruth Rose-Jacobs, from Boston Medical Center and Boston University, said: “Given that as few as ten cigarettes can have a negative impact, it’s imperative that we act on this and provide as much access and education as we can to help prevent these negative outcomes.”

The study, published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, is the first to look at the long-term impact on teenagers in high school.