UP IN SMOKE Urgent warning for parents as illegal ‘mega tornado’ vapes with nicotine of 100 cigarettes can be easily bought online

12 August 2023

By Summer Raemason, The Sun

AN URGENT warning has been issued to parents as illegal mega tornado vapes can easily be bought online by children.

The disposable R and M’s Tornado 9000 contains extremely high nicotine levels – about the same amount as 100 cigarettes.

Youngsters are shockingly able to buy the vapes online, without any ID taking place upon order or delivery.

Based in China, the manufacturer is packing a staggering 18ml of liquid into their rainbow candy flavoured product – nine times more than the legal UK limit.

This liquid also contains 50mg per ml of nicotine, which is five per cent, while the maximum allowed in Britain is just two per cent.

Another popular brand of vape, Elf Bars, were also recently taken off the shelves after it was discovered they contained 3.2ml of nicotine.