Updates: NCD Summit, 19-20 Sept, 2011

From the NCD Alliance:  
the NCD Alliance, has just given this online interview to PBS
NewsHour:  http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/
Request for support:

As it stands now, the summit will do little more than admit NCDs like heart disease, cancer, lung disease and diabetes exist. The world’s richest countries are blocking meaningful targets, funding and reporting on progress.

Visit 15000aDay.org and ask your government to support a meaningful target for progress against NCDs, and to endorse tobacco taxation as a public health measure that could also fund other health programs.  

Please also forward this email to friends and family. Let’s let our governments know that there is a sensible way forward for the Summit and not let thoughtless politics come in the way of a potentially remarkable global health achievement.  


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