Viet Nam Smoke-free home campaign

Vietnam Union of Women initiated a smoke-free home campaign which used postcards sent to families via women union at provincial level. This campaign lasts in one month from May 31 to the end of June. Smoking husbands are expected to sign on postcards which require them not to smoke at home. The launching event was organized at Centre For Women and Development and participated & funded by World Health Organization. 

World No Tobacco Day was solemnly held in 3 provinces, Thai Nguyen in the North, Da Nang in Central region and Tien Giang in the south under numerous forms such as demonstrations, meetings with participation of leaders and media agencies at local levels. Additionally, Workshops about Smoke-Free topics were hosted by not only these provinces but also many other provinces in Vietnam.

In collaboration with HealthBridge, posters and banners were designed and hung along various Ha Noi Street with slogans of the theme “the harmfulness of passive smoking”   Media activities took place around this time such as: providing media people with relevant materials organize radio talk shows, building reportages and TV spots and air on national TV channels (VTV1 and VTV3) and health channel – VTVC10 before the no tobacco week.(HHoang Minh Giap, Media Officer, VINACOSH)

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