Vietnam: Advocacy for TC law and Responding to World No Tobacco Day 2012




VINACOSH in cooperation with the Department of Legislation organized a press conference.  Chairing the activity and providing the opening speech was the Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Xuyen chaired.  The primary objective was to provide some information on important issues in the draft TC law, the arguments about tobacco harms and effective prevention measures, some aspects of the law that were weakened and needing further advocacy and explanation to journalists. Hundreds of articles were written, lots of images printed  and online news posted in support for the Law.


Another activity was the meeting and parade to celebrate the WNTD held 24 May. 2012 Deputy Prime Minister HE. Nguyen Thien Nhan chaired and has opening speech.

It was participated in by Ms. Truong Thi Mai- Chairman of National Assembly Committee of Social Affairs; Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, Minister of Health, Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuyen, Deputy Minister of Health, leadership from other Ministry of Information and Communication; Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Culture- Sport- Tourism, Women Union, Farmer Union, Labor Union and international organizations (WHO, Atlantic Philanthropies, TC core groups), more than 350 students in Hanoi, mass media and television agency.


In this meeting, HE. Nguyen Thien Nhan stated the consequences of tobacco and the importance of tobacco control in the cause of people health protection and promotion in Vietnam.  After the meeting, which was organized at the International Convention Center, the leaders launched the student’s parade along the main streets of Hanoi. This event attracted the attention of people, policy makers and mass media.


Posters were also printed with slogans of WHO No tobacco interference and tobacco harms. All of these posters with an official letter of Minister of Health have been sent to Center of Health Education and Communication (T4G) nationwide, with health settings. All of  the ministries also used these posters in their communication activities.


Last 11 May, the Minister of Health also signed an official letter to other ministries, People’s Committee and Health Services to request organizing the communication activities in response to the National Week of No Tobacco. Their activity reports must be done and sent to Ministry of Health after 20 June for further summary and reporting to the Government Office.


Other community communication activities by Vietnam Public Health Association were:

·       Mass rally responding to the National Week of No Tobacco in Nha Trang (southern region).

For the Community communication activities by CDS: (2 northern  provinces) are the ff:

·       Organizing the communication activities responding to WNTD and National Week of No Tobacco in Hai Phong and Quang Ninh.

·       Organizing communication campaigns on tobacco harms and benefits of smoke free.

·       Disseminate the regulations of tobacco control from provincial to communal level (both direct and indirect ways). 

·       Collaborate with Women Union, Youth Union to advocate for the smoke free settings and communication campaigns by WLF

·       Organized an updating workshop on the law, violations in TAPS, tobacco and poverty, and launched the writing contest for journalists/reporters

·       Collaborated with TV news to produce a reportage of the weakness of allowing DSAs in hospitality venues as currently regulated in the draft law.



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