Vietnam: The harmful effects of electronic cigarettes

24 June 2020

Dong Thap Online

Electronic cigarette devices (TLTT) include: battery parts, charging, heating, gas flow; parts containing electronic solution tubes. TLTD works by heating the dissolved liquid, creating an aerosol form for the user to inhale.

TLTT has two types: open-tube solution for users to mix, pour the solution into the tube and closed-tube solution in a closed-sized closed tube to fit into electrical equipment. This tube is for single use only.

The harmful effects of electronic cigarettes

TLĐT contains many toxic substances, causing addiction, causing illness and death. According to the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA), most of the TLT contain Nicotine – a highly addictive substance that causes cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and cancer diseases. Nicotine overdose causes poisoning, Nicotine addiction is one of the causes of cardiovascular diseases, strokes.

For children and pregnant women: Nicotine in diabetes is detrimental to brain development in children because their brains are in development, Nicotine also adversely affects the health of mothers and foetuses. during pregnancy, causing premature birth and stillbirth. For teenagers, the changes caused by Nicotine in the nervous system in the brain make users in the younger age group more susceptible to Nicotine addiction and therefore health effects will come sooner and more seriously in the future.

 In the solution of TLTT also: glycerin, propylene glycol and flavoring (over 15,500 types of aromas). Propylene glycol (although considered safe in food but not inhaled) can form propylene oxide, a carcinogen when heated and vaporized. Plant-based glycerin / glycerin: when heated and vaporized, forms acrolein, irritating upper respiratory tract.

The toxic substances in TLTT also related to myocardial infarction, causing lung damage. Recently, data from other countries have shown that the use of IDF causes serious cases of pneumonia (39 deaths); epilepsy, dental diseases, poisoning (more than 2,600 cases in the US, EU, Canada …); causing injuries (explosions / burns, trauma, fractures accounted for 2,035 cases in the US period 2015-2017, including 2 deaths); … These are just findings. because in fact, there is no systematic, complete and systematic research on the harmful effects of e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes.

TLĐT with solution ampoules are packed for hundreds of vapors, virtually no quantification of nicotine concentration per ml. This leads to the risk of users increasing the dose, nicotine tolerance level and the risk of acute poisoning. The TLT uses a lot of flavorings, not chemicals from ordinary tobacco leaves. The material mixes many different ingredients so it can be used for drug use through mixing.

Social and environmental harms of urban tourism

The e-commerce trend tends to target young people through visuals, aesthetic styles, youth trends, online sales (via smartphone app, advertising and internet shopping). ) is the form that young people often use, adversely affecting the health, environment, lifestyle, and behavior of young people.

Diabetes affects adolescents and smokers alike. In particular, the potential risk affects young people, the risk of using drugs and other stimulants concurrently with TLT is much more serious than regular cigarettes. Therefore, the use of electronic cigarettes of ENDs should be prevented in those who have not smoked, especially children and adolescents.