WNTD 2012: New publication of the The Union is launching on World No Tobacco Day

A new publication of the The Union is launching on World No Tobacco Day. FCTC Article 5.3 Toolkit: Guidance for Governments on Preventing Tobacco Industry Interference provides step-by-step guidance on the key legislative and policy elements of a strategy to safeguard laws and policies from tobacco industry interference.

 You can download the toolkit from our website. It is currently available in English only, with other languages soon to follow.

A launch event will take place in Edinburgh. It will also be presented to government and NGO partners at various events in the regions in which we work on 31 May and throughout the coming year.

 (Ms. Kate Seymour, Resources Coordinator, The Union, kseymour@theunion.org | www.theunion.org | www.tobaccofreeunion.org)






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