Cambodia: More hotels and restaurants commit to being smoke-free

15 April 2020
Twenty hotels and restaurants in Cambodia were recognized by the Ministry of Tourism Cambodia for complying with the Sub-decree on Smoke-free Workplaces and Public Places in tourism business and services. 

The Sub-Decree on Smoke-free Workplaces and Public Places was issued by the Royal Government of Cambodia in March 2016, banning indoor smoking in all workplaces and public places, including public transport after the Law on Tobacco Control was adopted in May 2015. Designated smoking rooms are allowed only in airports.

The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) is one of the key players in the smoke-free implementation in the tourism sector, particularly in hotels, restaurants and entertainment businesses. The MoT has issued the Ordinance on Smoke-free Environment numbered 007 SNN and dated 15 June 2016─for managers or owners of tourism businesses and services in the Kingdom of Cambodia, aiming to enforce the smoke-free implementation. Non-compliance with the Ordinance strictly results in the withdrawal of license or refusal of license renewal. 

SEATCA has been supporting this initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, MoT, WHO-Cambodia, Cambodia Movement for Health (CMH) and local authorities. 


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