Health officials seek public views on proposed amendments to Smoking Act

Posted: 02 August 2009 2157 hrs

SINGAPORE: Underage smokers who get caught lighting up could soon face fines of up to S$500.

This is one of several proposed changes to the Smoking Act, aimed at reversing the rising trend of smoking in young adults aged 18-29 years.

Other proposed amendments include lowering tar and nicotine levels, and prohibiting shisha and other harmful alternative forms of tobacco.

If the proposals go through, retailers will have their tobacco licences revoked the first time they are caught selling cigarettes to underage youths in school uniforms or to those under the age of 12.

Tobacco advertising and promotion is currently banned, and the health authorities now want to prohibit tobacco companies from sponsoring arts-related events from the end of 2010.

The health authorities will be seeking public consultation over the next four weeks on the proposed amendments.

Members of the public can log on to or to provide their feedback on the measures.

– CNA/yb