Consultancy Announcement – Human Resources Assessment

Post Title: Human Resources Consultant 
Agency: Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA)
Consultancy Location: Southeast Asia (Remote)
Duration: 8 weeks 
Application Deadline: Position will remain open until filled

The Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) seeks an experienced human resources consultant or firm for an eight-week consultancy to review, assess, and make recommendations to improve our human resources systems and policies. The consultant or firm will also revise and consolidate SEATCA’s existing human resources policies to ensure comprehensiveness and compliance with Thai and international standards. This document provides an overview and initial guidance for the work to be undertaken by the consultant. 

About SEATCA   

Established in 2001, SEATCA is a multi-sectoral alliance supporting the ten Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states, particularly low- and middle-income countries, to develop, establish, strengthen, and enforce effective and evidence-based tobacco control policies that are informed by the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), towards achieving Target 3.a of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

SEATCA has twice been conferred the WHO World No Tobacco Day Award (2004 and 2014. SEATCA is an accredited NGO Observer to the WHO FCTC Conference of Parties and an accredited entity of ASEAN. With a team of 14 personnel, SEATCA has limited human and financial resources to provide technical and financial support to our country partners, but we continue to rise as a regional and global leader in tobacco control.  

Rationale for a human resources assessment

Despite our significant expertise, accomplishments, and leadership in tobacco control, SEATCA remains a small organization with limited capacity for effective and efficient human resource management.   

An assessment of our human resources systems and policies will systematically identify areas that require improvement towards safeguarding the interests of all employees and ensuring SEATCA’s overall organizational health. Successful implementation and maintenance of improvements using a comprehensive human resources manual as a guide will allow SEATCA to become more transparent and accountable, and direct the organization’s work to achieve its mission and vision with the highest possible level of employee engagement and performance.  


The consultant agrees to: 

  1. Conduct a thorough desk review of regional labor laws and SEATCA’s existing organizational and HR materials (e.g. staffing plan, job descriptions, HR manual, and any other relevant documents).
  2. Conduct confidential information-gathering interviews with each SEATCA staff member.
  3. Present initial findings and identify next steps and deliverables during a meeting with the SEATCA team.
  4. Submit three drafts of the agreed-upon deliverables (first, second, and final drafts). 
  5. Conduct at least one progress meeting between the submission of the first and second drafts, one progress meeting between the submission of  the second and final drafts (if required), and one final  meeting upon submission of the final draft. 

SEATCA agrees to:  

  1. Release payment to the consultant for this work in accordance with the terms outlined in the consultancy terms of reference (TOR).
  2. Provide the consultant with all relevant organizational structure and HR materials upon signing of this TOR. 
  3. Provide the consultant with additional information via confidential one-on-one interviews. 
  4. Review each draft of the agreed-upon deliverables submitted by the consultant and provide feedback. 
  5. Be available for meetings scheduled by the consultant to discuss the first, second, and final drafts of the deliverables.


Deliverables / Activities 


Review and sign TOR

Week 1

Desktop review of organizational structure, regional labor laws, and existing HR materials – staffing plan, job descriptions, HR  manual, and any other relevant documents

Week 1 – 4

Data gathering and interviews with staff, beginning with senior staff

Week 3 – 4

Review meeting with the SEATCA team to discuss initial findings and outline next steps and deliverables

Week 5

Submit first draft of deliverables (Draft staffing plan, updated HR manual / policies)

Week 6

Meeting with the SEATCA team to discuss first draft deliverables

Week 6

Submit second draft of deliverables 

Week 7

SEATCA team submits comments on the second draft

Week 7

Submit final draft of deliverables

Week 8

Final meeting with the SEATCA team to discuss next steps for SEATCA

Week 8

Budget and payment schedule 

The proposed budget is USD 2,500.00  and shall be released according to the following scheme:

First release: 50% upon signing of the TOR  

Second release: 25% upon submission of the first draft of the agreed-upon deliverables.

Final release: 25% upon acceptance by SEATCA of the final version of the agreed-upon deliverables.


The project will commence as soon as the consultant has signed the TOR and the disclosure form declaring no conflict of interest with the tobacco industry.

Evaluation criteria

The submitted proposals for this project will be assessed through the following criteria:

  1. The consultant has demonstrated experience in conducting human resource assessments for small and medium-sized enterprises. Experience with small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations is preferred.
  2. The consultant presents a cost estimate that is reasonable vis-a-vis the activities and deliverables outlined above.

How to apply

Interested applicants should submit a letter of interest and a cost estimate to (cc:


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