Myanmar: Bagan increases smoke-free areas to 91

10 March 2020
Kyaw Ko Ko

The number of smoke-free areas has increased to 91 in the Bagan cultural zone, according to the Archaeology and National Museum in Bagan.

U Nyi Mon, head of the project, said they have also allocated places for visitors who want to smoke. “In a smoke-free building, we have to make a smoking area about 30 feet away where there are not many passers-by,” he said. “We post a sign, and provide chairs and ashtrays.” 

Smoke-free areas will benefit non-smokers, pregnant women and children who could be endangered by second-hand smoke. 

There will be a public awareness campaign and signs posted at smoke-free areas. Forty-eight employees will be in charge of keeping up the areas.

Myanmar enacted the Tobacco Control Law in 2006, and the Central Board of the Tobacco Control Law was established in 2011 as its implementing arm. – Translated

Myanmar Times


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