Myanmar: Myanmar earns the lowest tobacco tax revenue in Asean region

30 May 2019

Myanmar manufactures 10 billion cigarettes every year, and the government should increase cigarette tax as the tax revenue is the lowest among the ASEAN countries, Dr. Than Sein, the President of Public Health Foundation told the media after the ceremony to mark the World No Tobacco Day in Taw win Garden Hotel in Yangon on May 29.

Tax levied on tobacco and tobacco-related products is relatively low, compared with those in neighbouring countries. The same tax rate will be applied to cigarette, cheroots and tobacco and tobacco-related products. MPs are to discuss a plan to increase the tax rates under the Taxation Law.

According to the Taxation Law 2018-2019 fiscal year, a Ks six per-stick-tax will be levied on a packet of cigarettes worth Ks 600, Ks 14 on a packet of cigarette worth between Ks 601 and Ks 801 and Ks 21, on a packet of cigarette worth between Ks 801 and Ks 1,000.

There are three cigarette companies in Myanmar, having more than 90 per cent of the cigarette market. Around seven million people die from the consumption of tobacco and tobacco-related products around the globe. One in ten people die from second handsome. Seventy-five per cent of around 700,000 deaths caused by the secondhand smoke are women and children, according to the World Health Organization.

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