Nearly 90% of women exposed to passive smoking

Even if they don’t light up themselves, 86.4 percent of women are exposed to cigarettes through passive smoking, with restaurants being the worst place, Chongqing Morning News reported on Thursday.

Chongqing Medical University conducted a survey last month among 1,500 women who are passive smokers due to their proximity to a smoking partner or colleague.

The survey shows 32.54 percent of them were exposed to passive smoking nearly every day, 22.61 percent over four to six days per week, and 31.8 percent one to three days. Only 13.76 percent were not exposed to passive smoking at all.  

The rate of passive smoking at restaurants and hotels came to 92.2 percent, which is significantly higher than in other places, including government buildings, 82.85 percent, and schools, 75.15 percent, survey organizers say.

In addition, most non-smokers take a stand when they are exposed to second hand smoke; only four percent suffer in silence.

The survey shows 27.98 percent of smokers would stub out a cigarette when they are discouraged from smoking by strangers, 58.88 percent would cooperate when they are persuaded to quit by family members, and only two percent would ignore suggestions.

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