SEATCA Insight Series: Effective Pictorial Health Warnings in ASEAN

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Advocating for large, prominent, and strong pictorial health warnings (PHWs) on tobacco packages has been a main objective of SEATCA since 2001. In developing the case for implementing PHWs in the region, SEATCA has worked closely with international researchers and country partners to generate local evidence, conduct training workshops for officials, and engage directly with policymakers. We equip in-country partners to respond swiftly and appropriately to policy makers’ requests for technical assistance on the application of world’s best practice in pack warnings on tobacco products. This regional partnership has resulted in cumulative milestones in implementing and strengthening PHWs as demonstrated by Singapore (2004, 2006, 2013),Thailand (2005, 2007, 2010), Brunei (2008, 2012), Malaysia (2009, 2014), Vietnam (2013) and Indonesia (June 2014) and unites advocates across countries. At present, Brunei has the largest PHWs (75% of front and back) in the ASEAN region.

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