TAPS Campaign

6 June 2013: The Phnom Penh Capital City (PPCC) representatives in cooperation with the Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) youth launched a campaign to warn cigarette retailers about violations in tobacco advertising and promotion in the form of small posters at points-of-sale.

CRC youth carried signboards bearing the message “tobacco advertising in any form violates the government’s Sub-Decree” and “Thank you for Not Advertising Cigarettes.” The youth volunteers walked with local authorities to grocery stores and restaurants checking if cigarette advertisements existed. When cigarette advertisements were found, the youths stood in front of the store or restaurant with the signboards raised up, while the local authorities removed or destroyed the posters. The campaign was conducted in two areas where cigarette advertising found. Media were there to record the violations and cover the campaign.

The Cambodian government issued the sub-decree banning all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (TAPS) in 2011. This sub-decree bans cigarette billboards, cigarette concerts, ads in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio and mobile vehicles. However, tobacco companies continue to violate the sub-decree by providing incentives to cigarette retailers to put small posters at points-of-sale. (Dr. Mom Kong, Executive Director, Cambodia Movement for Health)