Thai youth group urges Prime Minister to maintain and strengthen ban on e-cigarettes 


12 January 2024, Bangkok: For National Children’s Day 2024, the Ramathibodi Medical Student Association urged the Thailand Prime Minister Mr Srettha Thavisin to “maintain the law banning the importation and sale of e-cigarettes” and called for the “urgent enforcement of the law” specifically in restricting sales of e-cigarettes.

Mr. Pat Ngamdejkit, a representative of the youth group, explained that e-cigarettes are a gateway to other addictions, and Thailand is facing a serious e-cigarette epidemic among the youth. Maintaining the ban and ensuring its strict implementation are significant gifts to Thailand’s young people as they celebrate National Children’s Day, and the Ramathibodi Medical Student Association is also requesting the Prime Minister to:

  1. Maintain measures to prohibit the importation and sale of e-cigarettes. Drawing from global experience, a total ban is the most effective measure in protecting the youth from the harms of electronic smoking devices (ESD). More than 45 countries have banned ESDs, including Brunei, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Singapore, and Thailand in the ASEAN region.
  2. Require that all relevant agencies strictly enforce the law, for example, ensuring that the Customs Department thoroughly check for smuggled e-cigarettes; the police departments, in cooperation with the Office of the Consumer Protection Board, search and apprehend e-cigarette smugglers; and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society actively detects and shuts down online sellers of e-cigarettes.
  3. Exercise vigilance and be more aware of tobacco industry marketing tactics to target children and to weaken tobacco public policy. Teachers and parents should be more cautious of these marketing tactics.
  4. Enhance cooperation among agencies to provide accurate knowledge and information on e-cigarettes to the public. Campaigns should be activated across all media, including social media, and information about e-cigarettes and their harms should be integrated into the curriculum for primary and secondary schools.

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