Commentary: Coco Avant Chanel

Attached is a 2-page article on the French movie “Coco Avant Chanel” from a lifestyle magazine of a broadsheet (top
3) in the Philippines.  The pictures vividly show the star holding a lighted cigarette.  The entire movie depicts well known fashion icon Coco Chanel as a chain smoking, but glamorous woman of style.

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This is a very good example of cross-border advertising, and is something that ALL tobacco control advocates must act on.  The movie will be shown in the Philippines soon, and might have already been shown in North America and Europe. The tobacco industry is easily getting away with violations just because we cannot control foreign films being shown in our country.
Under the Philippines Republic Act 9211, it is prohibited to show a person holding a lighted cigarette in movies or television, and subsequently promoting a cigarette brand. Allthough the movie does not promote a specific cigarette brand, it still continues to depict the act of smoking as galmourous, fashionable and tasteful.

Dr. Ma. Encarnita Limpin, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance, Philippines



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