HealthJustice Philippines launches the Time’s up, Tobacco(TUT) video


TV personalities and advocates expose truth about tobacco harms

Showbiz personalities, journalists, and advocates joined forces in a call to expose the truth about tobacco in the newest Time’s up, Tobacco campaign video (Video link: ). The said campaign is an initiative of HealthJustice, a non-profit organization that aims to push for effective tobacco control measures in the Philippines. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the dirty tactics of the tobacco industry.

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Time’s Up, Tobacco ambassadors include TV host Lia Cruz, husband-and-wife broadcasters and TV personalities Julius and Christine Bersola-Babao, actor-director Leo Martinez, TV personality Ramon Bautista, TV host and writer Butch Francisco, broadcast journalist Charie Villa, and New Vois Association of the Philippines President and laryngeal cancer survivor Emer Rojas.

They join other Time’s up, Tobacco ambassadors such as Sen. Pia Cayetano, Prof. Winnie Monsod, Fr. Robert Reyes, Bianca King, Patty Laurel and UAAP stars Arnold Van Opstal. EJ Laure, Nico Elorde and Von Pessumal.

In 2010, the combined profits of the six leading tobacco companies globally was estimated at USD 35.1 billion, while deaths due to tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke almost reached 6 million worldwide. It is estimated that one billion people will die due to tobacco use and exposure in the 21st century if the current trends continue.

In the Philippines, 240 people die each day due to tobacco-related diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and stroke. Most Filipinos who smoke belong to the poorer segment of the population and the economic burden of these diseases further pulls families into an endless cycle of poverty.

This toll on Filipino lives is what urged ambassadors to make a stand and say “Your time’s up, tobacco!” The campaign also encourages people to show support, share information, and join the fight against Big Tobacco through social media using the hashtags #TimesUpTobacco, #ClearTheSmoke, and #TruthAboutTobacco.

For more information, visit the Time’s up, Tobacco page on Facebook or the HealthJustice Philippines website at


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About HealthJustice HealthJustice is a public health think tank that aims to bridge the gap between health and law to empower Filipinos to make healthy choices. The founding members of HealthJustice include doctors, lawyers, and economists who have been recognized for their services in both the private and public sector. Armed with the wealth of experience in promoting policy change in the fields of health, environment, and human rights, HealthJustice serves as a vehicle for Filipinos to be free from health risks through appropriate health policies. HealthJustice Time’s Up, Tobacco! For more information please contact: Marysol Astrea Balane Communications Manager 09178509212

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