Jatujak, the biggest smoke-free market in the world

Jatujak, the biggest smoke-free market in the world

Sunday 30 September 2012
Members of the International Health Promotion Foundation Network organized a study visit to Jatujak market for representatives from Australia, Malaysia and advocates from the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA).

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Rizal Majid, representative from Health Promotion Malaysia and Barbara Mouy, from Health Promotion Australia, together with Tan Yen Lian and Dr. Lina Foong Kin from the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) were impressed by Thailand’s efforts in implementing the 100% smoke-free regulation in the very large area of Jatujak Market. The group was keen to learn from Thailand’s experiences in hopes of applying similar methods in their own countries. During the period of this study visit, the group only saw one smoker, which indicated the effectiveness of the smoke-free policy being implemented in the market. The Malaysian representative expressed an interest in applying Thailand’s smoke-free market model to tourist spots in Malaysia, such as the walking streets in Malacca. During the trip, participants had the opportunity to meet with the market management team who has been working diligently to keep the market smoke-free.
Thai officials in charge of this study visit are Preecha Mitriruk, Secretary of the Director, Jatujak Market and Vudhichai Arthaparn, PR of TG Support Unit, Smile Station (One Stop Service), Jatujak Market. They provided interesting details about the market. Each day that the market opens, approximately 200,000 people come to shop at more than 8,000 shops available in 27 zones throughout Jatujak Market. In order for authorities to implement an effective smoke-free policy, all parties involved need to work together, as well as having a strong, creative public relations strategy. Jatujak promotes its smoke-free regulations in 3 languages (Thai, Chinese, and English), with announcements made every 20 minutes. The market also provides pamphlets with details of the smoke-free regulation at every entrance door. There are also no smoking signs, which are placed in every zone throughout the market. There are also more than 200 security guards working with police officers to monitor for any violations that may occur. Jatujak Market emphasizes and encourages cooperation from visitors instead of issuing fines or making arrests because the aim of Jatujak is to provide a friendly and smoke-free shopping experience for everyone to enjoy.



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