New tool to fight addiction, 08/04/10


ANTI-SMOKING laws will be tightened, strengthening controls over novelty tobacco products that are said to be potentially addictive.

In the latest entry of his blog, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan said on Thursday that he will change current anti-smoking laws, to ‘arm’ Singaporeans against nicotine substitutes such as smokeless nicotine chewing gum, tobacco gel and candy and the much-hyped electronic cigarettes.

Explaining the move, Mr Khaw cited a recent article in the Wall St Journal about how some tobacco companies are resorting to marketing smokeless alternatives like lozenges, or snus – a powdered form of tobacco – in response to sliding cigarette sales.

The article quoted one of the tobacco companies’ CEO as saying that he believes ‘these products can drive our sustainability into the future’.

‘Chilling words for the anti-tobacco population,’ said Mr Khaw.

He said nicotine candies are designed to appeal to children, making them life-long addicts. He added that tobacco companies have already found these products to appeal more to women and allow smokers to continue their habit in smoke-free locations, like offices.

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