No cigarettes in Sukhothai

No cigarettes in Sukhothai

In a move to mark the World No Tobacco Day on May 31, Sukhothai was yesterday declared as the country’s first anti-smoking historic city.

Citing a National Statistics Office survey in 2007, Sukhothai has 93,709 smokers, of which 88,088 are men, Boonterm said an anti-smoking campaign was sorely needed to protect the health of non-smokers.

Another speaker, Naresuan University researcher Piyarat Nimpitakpong, said a survey of people’s opinion on Sukhothai‘s anti-smoking policy showed that more than 80 per cent of residents, business operators and tourists knew about the prohibition on smoking at public places, especially at schools, hospitals and state offices. About 30 to 65 per cent of these groups also knew that smoking was banned at religious places, restaurants and historic parks.

More than 85 per cent of Sukhothai residents backed the smoking ban at state offices, and 90 per cent supported it at ancient sites and historic parks.

Some 78 per cent of smokers said they would not smoke if they saw a non-smoking sign and 87 per cent said they only smoked at home. About 53 per cent of 35 state offices in Muang Sukhothai Municipality had at least one non-smoking sign on the premises, while some 30 per cent of 63 hotel and restaurants had such signs.

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