Proposed sub-decree banning advertising of tobacco, 03/09/10

Yesterday, Cambodia’s authorities from the Ministry of Health and the inter-ministerial committee for tobacco control were discussing on a proposed sub-decree banning advertising and promotion of tobacco products in the Kingdom of Cambodia. And the proposed sub-decree would be sent to the Council of Ministers soon.

Cambodia ratified the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention Tobacco Control in November 2005, which demands member statutes institute a comprehensive ban on all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship with five years of ratification.

Man Bunheng, Minister of Health, was quoted by the Phnom Penh Post as saying that “companies that breach the ban on advertising would risk losing their business licenses.” He added that “if any company does not follow, first we will send a letter to warn them, second is to suspend their business and the third is to withdraw licences from running business.”

At the present, there are many advertising of tobacco have been promoted on many ways such as ads on newspapers, television, flyers, and on bus as well.

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