Tobacco Excise Earmarking for Public Health Meeting, Bali

Bali, 4 March 2014:  The Demographic Institute, University of Indonesia and SEATCA organized a meeting on “Tobacco Excise Earmarking for Public Health.”  Institute’s director, Prof. Sonny Harry Harmadi welcomed the participants to Denpasar, Indonesia.

Local and international experts from governments, academe and civil society discussed and shared how to best allocate funds using local taxes for Read more health, in light of the 10% local taxes provided to provinces in Indonesia.

Mr. Adijanto, the director or Revenue Sharing, Ministry of Finance (MOF), shared how they implemented the 2% tobacco revenues, while Mr. Anwar Syahdat, head of synchronization and technical support, MOF, presented on Indonesia’s policy on the 10% local taxes.  Dr. Ir Chandra Rudyanto of the Centre for Health Promotion, Ministry of Health(MOH), discussed how these local taxes can be allocated specific to health, and Dr. Astera Primanto Bhakti who heads the Centre of Revenue Policy, MOF talked about tobacco escise policy as a tobacco control instrument.

International experiences were shared by Prof. Rob Moodie of VicHealth-Australia, Prof Prakit Vathesatogkit on Thaihealth, and Health promotion at the local government level by the Mayor of Balanga City Philippines, Mayor Jose Enrique Garcia III.

Other participants are from the MoH, MoF local health & finance offices of Bali and Lombok, and West Nusa Tenggara, SEATCA/SITT Teams.

(For more information, Contact Ms. Flora Aninditya, SITT Project Indonesia,

Welcome remarks by Dr Sonny Harry Harmadi, Director of the Demographic Institute, FE UI
Indonesia’s implementation of taxes, facilitated by Mr Abdillah Ahsan, Demographic Institute
International Experience sharing
Philippines Balanga City Mayor Jose Enrique Garcia III, presenting the successes in health promotion at the local government level
SEATCA and LDUI teams with the participants and guests of the meeting