WCToH Pre Conference Session: Social Media for Tobacco Control

This session is for those new and/or still unfamiliar with all the potentials of social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), as well as those who use the platforms, but are keen to learn new and best practices for leveraging the same to strengthen their advocacies. Discussions will start from a basic understanding of social media, and go to more advanced discussions on some key and best practices as applied by groups and advocates in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.


Workshop speakers:
– Using Twitter and/or Facebook to manage surveillance activities, Ms. Marita Hefler, University of Sydney, Australia


-Social Media Strategies for development, Mr. Roby Alampay, Editor in Chief, Interaksyon News Online, Philippines

SEATCA thus also actively seeks and encourages best practices in using social media to promote its own messages and to extend the impact of what little or meager resources they have for traditional media campaigns. Limited budgets for information, education, and media have long been a given for civil society organizations. Social media allows collective nimbleness to more effectively magnify the potentials of what limited resources advocacy groups have at their disposal. A discussion on the collected learning and examples so far would greatly benefit any larger discussion on tobacco control.


For more details, please visit http://wctoh2012.org/nav-preconfprogramme.html

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