Philippines: Anti-smoking group backs ‘cigarette holiday’ bill

13 August 2016

The proposal to prohibit selling tobacco products and smoking cigarettes every 15th day of the month is now backed by an anti-smoking group, which includes members who are cancer survivors and people who suffered a lot because of cigarette smoking.

New Vois Association of the Philippines (NVAP) President Emer Rojas yesterday announced that his group is supporting the House Bill No. 41, also called “Cigarette Holiday” bill, which was filed by Cebu City Rep. Rodrigo Abellonasa.

“The proposal to designate a day without cigarette smoking is laudable and should thus be supported. It will literally be a refreshing way to have one entire day where the country will be free of the poisonous cigarette smoke,” said Rojas.

The official noted that a day of smoking break will hopefully make people realize that it is possible to live for without the need to consume cigarettes.

“Living without cigarettes is a step forward in attaining better public health,” he stated.