Tabinfo Asia 2009: Congress Workshop

Schedule of Congress Workshop, there are workshops designed for smaller group of participants.  The focus of these workshops will be on strategies to improve tobacco products, circumvent the regulations and packaging.  

DAY 1 – Wednesday, 11 November

1040 – Operating in a World of Bans Workshop.
John Luik challenges you, working in teams, to come up with ingenious ways of operating in an increasingly regulated, plain-pack, dark market environment. Suggests looking at packaging, the web, product placement, etc. Promises to be a fun, productive workshop.

1410 – Innovation Workshop.
Colin Mackie tasks the group with exploring radical new growing methods, tobacco or nicotine delivery products, manufacturing techniques, substitute products, etc. Brainstorming at its best and, who knows, the next big idea might emerge!

1515 – Harm & Risk Reduction Workshop.
If you had 5 minutes to convince the World Health Organization to include Harm & Risk Reduction as part of their tobacco use policy, what would you say? Patrick Basham briefs, guides and listens to your convincing pitches.

DAY 2 – Thursday, 12 November

1050 – Harm & Risk Reduction Workshop.
Another chance to participate in this important and challenging workshop session.

1200 – Innovation Workshop.
An encore for this bound-to-be-popular chance to show your inventiveness and creativity.

1400 – Operating in a World of Bans Workshop.
Missed it on Day 1? Here’s a second chance.

1450 – Countering the Counterfeiters Workshop.
Doug DaCosta tasks teams to come up with a list of 5 things they would like to see done in the real world to counter counterfeiting and illicit tobacco product trading. Ideas are discussed then captured for possible future publication.

DAY 3 – Friday, 13 November

1130 – Countering the Counterfeiters Workshop.
Second and final chance to participate in this topical workshop.

1210 – Regulatory Workshop. 
Patrick Basham of the Democracy Institute invites participants to wipe the regulatory slate clean and start afresh. If you were drafting a whole new regulatory framework that would best suit the consumer and manufacturers of tobacco products, what would it look like?




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