Tabinfo Asia 2009: The Congress Schedule

The organizer of the Tabinfo Asia 2009 has release the plan for The Congress Sessions.  The Schedule sill consist of fifteen forums sessions and 10 workshops over 3 days. Panels, roundtable discussions and audience participation. Global thought-leaders from both inside the industry and out. Participants will be able to ask questions in every session as well as participating in so called “interactive workshops”. Click “Read More” for full Schedule

DAY 1 – Wednesday, 11 November

0950 – Operating in a World of Bans.
Avertising bans, smoking bans – are we in danger of state-sponsored behaviour modification or even prohibition? Find out at this fascinating forum led by John Luik of the Niagara Institute and an outstanding global panel.

1040 – The Innovators I: What’s New on the Product Front?
A look at current and possible future innovations in nicotine delivery systems. Session led by Iqbal Lambat aided and abetted by a panel bristling with innovation.

1130 – Harm & Risk Reduction.
Is enough attention being paid to this extremely important topic by governments, NGOs, growers, manufacturers, the media? David O’Reilly of BAT leads what promises to be one of the liveliest panel discussions of the Congress. Plenty of opportunity for audience Q&A and discussion.

1410 – The Innovators II: What’s New on the Manufacturing and Growing Fronts?
How is information technology impacting manufacturing? What’s new in irrigation techniques? Can packaging get more creative? This is the session where you’ll find the answers.

1605 – The Regulatory Climate.
FDA in the USA. Increasingly aggressive legislation in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa. A formidable panel led by Patrick Basham of the Democracy Institute discusses the implications.


DAY 2 – Thursday, 12 November

0940 – Drawing the lines of Supply.
A powerhouse panel looks at the supply big picture including under- and over-supply issues, pricing, delivery and supply chain models. Promises to be one of the most interesting sessions of the Congress.

1050 – The Open Forum.
A panel of thought-leaders, analysts, industry insiders and academics answers and discusses your questions. Questions are being collected now. Make sure you send yours to John Luik will host this session.

1200 – Countering the Counterfeiters.
A survey of the current illicit tobacco scene including countermeasures. Doug DaCosta (ex U.S. Treasury Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) leads the session and joins a panel of experts for discussion and Q&A.

1400 – The Value of Sustainability.
Should the industry be concerned about Corporate Social Responsibility? About being good neighbours and eco-aware? The ITC group believes so which is why they are mounting this valuable presentation about their own sustainable development program and how it benefits both the group and the communities in which it operates.

1450 – Harm & Risk Reduction: Should it be an Integral Part of Global Health Policy?
A second chance to see this important forum.

1610 – The Long View: Scoping the Future of the Tobacco Industry.
A pre-eminent panel, moderated by Frans Pouw of Deutsche Bank, in a wide-ranging discussion about the future of the industry from every point of view: fiscal, regulatory, health, products – and much more.


DAY 3 – Friday, 13 November

0900 – The Thai Tobacco Monopoly sponsored Breakfast: Two Views of SE Asia.
A delightful buffet breakfast and two perspectives the region from Albrecht Tribukait of BAT and a representative from Thai Tobacco Monopoly.

1030 – China: an Insight.
What’s happening in the industry in the world’s biggest market? Here’s where you can find out.

1430 – Open Forum.
Final chance to put your questions and observations to our panel of experts.

1550 – The Long View: Scoping the Future of the Tobacco Industry.
Another chance to see this crucial forum. 

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